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Are you tired of takeout and the same meals over and over? Trying to "meal plan" but run out of time? Want desperately to make dinners, but never have the time to cook, let alone ... do said planning?  

Want a tribe of women around you to learn meal planning once and for all?  

If so, you're in the right place.

You belong in our TRIBE

Come on in, we'd love to meet you!

Join the Quick & Easy Recipes Book Club Today

Dinner is the most important meal of the day. It's a chance to unwind, open up and enjoy the screenfree time together that our society is so desperately craving. Even if for only 15 minutes.  

Let's Take Dinner Time Back one recipe, one cookbook and one dinner at a time.  

⏰ Registration is open the 29th-1st of EACH month, book arrives at your home on the 4th. Book club meetings happen the the 3rd Thursday of each month at 11 am CT ONLINE over the lunch hour 💃 

What I'd love for you:

  • Time spent making recipes that have been recommended to you by people just like you
  • Less time searching for new recipe ideas
  • Easier nights where dinner is already done when you walk in the door
  • Rockstar meal planning skills where it's not a time-sucking chore
  • Putting your feet up after work rather than making that extra grocery trip or running for takeout

The recipe club makes tracking and finding good recipes easy because you have the physical cookbooks right in front of you.

Plus, you'll have women and men sharing their favorites from the books, too in our Facebook Group. 

So, if you find yourself thinking:

  • If I could just find meals that everyone would like.  
  • If I could just plan ahead better, I could actually make dinner. 
  • If I could just find more time, I'd plan a better variety of meals.  
  • If I could just stop spending all of our grocery budget every week.  

And, then thinking, If I could just:  

  • Have real people describe real recipes to me so that I could decide if my family liked them.
  • Food all ready to go for each meal in the pantry, because I planned ahead.
  • Meals that I know my family will love because everyone in my Recipe Book Club's family did, too...  

Picture this: You rocking at finding and planning quick & easy dinners with fewer new ingredients so that you don't have to find extra time to prep, cook or do takeout. 

Join us this month! 

What is included in the recipe book club?

  • Every month: A SURPRISE cookbook mailed to your home from Amazon, chosen for it's quick & easy family-friendly meals to study, cook from and talk about ($10-$27 MSRP)
  • (THE BEST PART!) A HELPFUL Facebook community to share (and see others') completed recipe pictures from that months book that you can make YOUR meal plans from
  • Exclusive meal planning tips and tricks in each month's meetups (recorded in case you can't make it)
  • BONUS: Meal planning breakout sessions helping you plan ahead to get dinner on the table faster and easier than ever ($127 value)
  • BONUS: Online grocery ordering class teaching how to make sure you always have ingredients you need onhand ($27 value) 
  • Accountability partners: Do you want to make dinner at home more often? Get your accountability partner inside the group 
  • LIVE monthly interactive calls to discuss the current month's book and recipes that have been tried
  • FREE digital 167-page 52-week meal planner sent to your email address upon enrollment to keep track of upcoming and past meals ($29 value)
  • BONUS: FREE digital copy of the meal planner, print release & directions so that you can print subsequent years at your local printer

Can I be honest? I didn't even join for the cookbook, I joined so that I could talk with other people who like to share good recipes! I always found myself screenshotting random recipes online and needed a better way to connect with other people who liked cooking for their families. I have missed the live meetings before but they're awesome to watch recorded! I love when people share the page # of their favorite recipe in the book - I quickly add that to my meal plan to make in the next couple weeks. 

KUDOS! This is by far the most productive (and fun!) club I am in!!! Thank you Kate!

High five!

- Jessica, Mom of 3, Illinois

PS - If you're on the fence with joining just DO IT! You'll love getting a new cookbook every month :)

Get excited! These recipe books have some of the BEST quick & easy recipes! This is the BEST way to stop scrolling, kinda-sorta-so-so-meal-planning-but-not-really because you're getting sucked into everything that Facebook and Pinterest are really good at sucking you into and actually planning dinners.  

💡 Fact: the average person spends 2 hours per week looking for new recipe ideas. 

That's 104 hours per year. Time that is better spent elsewhere. 

Wouldn't you rather know about recipes that are already tried and true? From a book that you own that you can highlight and make notes in? So that you can make the group winning recipes yourself?

💡 Fact #2: every extra grocery trip that the average person makes costs an additional $37. 

Just one extra trip to the grocery store per week = $1,924 per year. 😲  

Wouldn' it be nice to be so organized that grocery runs weren't a thing?

By cultivating good conversation about what meals work for families just like yours we allow ourselves to get excited about cooking dinners, trying new things and planning ahead to avoid running out of time to plan and make good, healthy dinners. 

The club/sessions are perfect for you if you:

  • Need meals that are quick and easy
  • Have trouble planning ahead and having the right ingredients on hand
  • Are on the go all the time with kids and need something fast
  • Need new ideas
  • Need more time to cook and plan meals
  • You're making the same things over and over and want new ideas
  • Work long hours and need ideas for when you can't always eat together as a family
  • Want to cook without having to buy lots of different ingredients
  • Want help finding simple recipes that taste good and that the kids/family will like

How is this different than just using Pinterest?

I'll be honest ... Pinterest is kind of a hot mess. I don't always remember which boards recipes were pinned to, even after I've bought the ingredients and so many times my picky eaters haven't liked what I've made.

If you're like me, you need physical books in your hand to browse. And, to take notes in.

With the recipe club you'll also get real reviews from people that you've gotten to know that are cooking from the same books as you. 

When other club members like something from this month's recipe club book, you can assume your family will too! 

Our book club is like a REAL LIFE, INTERACTIVE PINTEREST but with books you can hold in your hands.

What kind of discussion will be on the live interactive calls?

  • Planning dinners that even your pickiest eaters will love ahead of time so that you can feel organized every week
  • Harnessing the energy to make dinners that the whole family will enjoy after a long day
  • Awesome dinner varieties so that you don't have to make a new dinner every night
  • Routinely stay inside your grocery budget while working in a dinner out every once in awhile, too (while still in budget!)
  • How to make the foods your family will actually eat, while offering the exact amount of servings you need. 

"I LOVE getting a physical cookbook in the mail every month! This is my favorite club and the only subscription I keep! I have found that it gets me excited to cook again. Unlike other Facebook recipe sharing groups, in the club we're sharing pictures and what our family thought of the dinners. This is so helpful!"

- Amanda, full-time mom of three, Michigan

What if I can't be on the live interactive calls?

If you can't make a call live, simply jump on the replays later. If you can join live though, do because you bring a valuable piece to our conversation!

Can I order my own books?

Nah, let us do it since the price of the cookbook is included in the book club! It will come straight to your front door each month from Amazon.

That's why this is a group effort - to keep you on track making dinners your family loves!

What types of recipe books can I expect to receive?

Crock Pot recipes are always a favorite for busy people. They make getting dinner on the table easier and give so much versatility to meal plans for the week. We'll stick mostly with cookbooks that feature easy Crock Pot dinners and simple casserole meals.

What types of recipes will we discuss in the book club?

Dinners! This is what most households want more of, so we do mostly dinners together. Unless, of course you can share another rockstar recipe from that month's book that you made! 

How is this different than a Meal Plan?

Meal plans are where I tell you what to make each day. But, in reality, you don't have any way of knowing that your family will like what's on the meal plan. 

With a recipe book, you have the chance to browse a real physical copy of a highly rated book alongside myself to keep you accountable in making your meal plans yourself, based on what you know your family will like. 

The upside is that our community helps eachother by giving reviews on what recipes their family really liked and which recipes their family did not like (and why!) 

Join the Quick & Easy Recipes Book Club Today

Hi, I'm Kate. A mom, wife, carpool ninja, conversation starter, neighborhood Bunco "pro" and meal planner who loves to be in the kitchen.

I help men and women that are pinched for time find recipe ideas their family will love, so that everyone is satisfied with dinner.

The bottom line?  

I'm here to make sure that planning realistic dinners comes second nature to you, your house smells delicious when you walk in the door after a long day, and that your family LOVES what you put on the table. :)

Nights will be so organized when dinner is planned ahead.


JOIN TODAY and get 100 dinnertime conversation starter ideas

Frequently Asked Questions:  


No, you're not the only one on our calls and that's for your own good. I am a firm believer that we learn best from a group of like-minded people. I (Kate) will be on every call and every call will be recorded and sent to you so what we discussed and what you learned is good forever! To attend the meetings you'll be sent a login link to join before and when the meetings start. 


You will be sent the digital copy of the meal planner so that yo can print it year after year. Printing and binding is about $20 at Staples. Don't worry, I'll also send the copyright release and instructions for the Staples employee. This is the workbook that we'll use together and I promise you'll love it - it will make you excited to be organized!


Unfortunately we cannot reschedule classes. However, they are always recorded and will be sent to you so you can watch (and re-watch) whenever you wish. 


In order to make this cost effective and live, we cannot offer these calls for less. But, I personally guarantee that you'll love the results! 100% money back guarantee, on me.


All of my calls are the secondThursday of the month over the early-day lunch for one hour (10-11 am CT). So, you can either join in live on your lunch, or watch the recording, in your email. Easy-peasy.