Plan. Prepare. Do.

Dinners so organized that even your Mother-in-Law will be proud! 😉

PLAN all your meals, events and shopping lists in your bound meal planner,

track winning recipes and then PREPARE meals that your family loves on a quarterly rotation 

so that you can DO more of what you love with your time, rather than looking for new recipe ideas over and over again.

Have you spent countless hours on Pinterest looking for new dinner ideas? 

Hopping from blog, to blog, to blog to only return to the same 'ol tacos, spaghetti and pizza?

Me, too.

BUT, when I started using my Plan.Prepare.Do Meal Planner and keeping track of the best recipes that my family really loves, I was able to establish a pattern of knowing exactly what they'd eat.

Since I know what they love, I rotate each of those dinners that even my pickiest eaters enjoy about 3-4 times per year. I now only make meals that I KNOW they're going to go crazy over.

So, we're having new easy to prepare family-friendly dinners every week, nights are easier, and I can stop wasting time and money looking for new dinner ideas that I end up throwing away. 


Printable planner to help keep you organized year, after year, after year.

meal planner preview

52-Week Printable Meal Planner

  • Print this epic planner every single year! It NEVER expires - NEVER! 
  • Meal plans templates for every week, organized grocery lists, party planning checklists and more
  • Track what you know your family loves so that you can save time and money on future meals
  • Highlight winning dinners to work these meals back into your rotation
  • Pages to keep track of the 23,564 online passwords we keep 😉
  • Keep tabs on favorite recipes and their locations
  • BONUS! 100 family & friend dinner conversation starters 
  • Free copyright release form
  • Printing directions for Staples/copier to print and bind meal planner
  • 163-pages of getting you more organized included!

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Meal Planner
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52-week meal planner comes FREE with our delicious and easy meal plans! 

Each week you'll receive:

• Five easy and delicious recipe ideas in your email inbox EVERY Friday

• Completed, printable grocery lists for every dinner

• Dinner ideas PERFECT for picky eaters like kids and husbands

• Ideal and customizable for families of 1-100


💡 The average woman spends two hours looking for, planning and thinking about what will be for dinner tonight, this week or next week (104 hours per year)


💡 It's estimated that by being "on-the-fly" with grocery lists the average mom spends an extra $37 per week at the store (that's a whopping $1,924 per year!)

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100% guarantee: If you decide at any time that you don't want to be a member of Taking Dinner Time Back emails, cancel your subscription at anytime. Yes, you even get to keep the bonuses!

BONUS! 101 Chicken Dinner Ideas eCookbook

BONUS! 101 Soup Recipe Ideas eCookbook

BONUS! 101 Beef Dinner Ideas eCookbook

($36 value!)

What some of our meal plan customers have to say: 

"I was nervous about the dinner plans because I'm already short on time. They were easy to throw together and my whole family loves all of them!  

I look at grocery shopping a whole new way now!"  

- Lisa, mom of three

"I'm a stay at home mom and you'd think that I'd have time to figure out what's for dinner but I found myself always overwhelmed with what to make and in return I'd always end up with chicken nuggets.  

Now I've got my plans for dinners for the entire weeks to come in place in my meal planner and even the kids know what's for dinner for the week ahead! "  

- Candace, stay at home mom

" It sometimes took forever to make a grocery list. With Taking Dinner Time Back grocery lists the lists for our dinners are made for each week. I can quickly run to the store, saving time and money in the long run.

And, to be honest, the meal planner goes with me everywhere! "

- Danielle, working mom